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We have had 100% positive feedback since we started and we attribute that to always delighting our clients at all stages of the process. Everyone always has lots of questions – here are a few answers as a starter for 10 but please do get in touch and we’ll chat things through in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

A £200 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking for all our wedding packages, and the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the date of your wedding. We both sign a contract so we can ensure both parties are happy and know what will be delivered and by when.

Running time of our films varies depending on your day. The average length of the Gold package is approx 75 mins. Platinum package is an average of 100 mins.

Whist some companies quote a wait of up to 18 weeks before you see your finished films, we aim to have yours completed within a maximum of four weeks after the wedding although this does vary according to the time of year. We deliver your films as password protected Vimeo links for you to review. Once you are happy with your films we will give them to you as mp4 files on our branded USBs sticks in presentation boxes. Additional copies are available upon request for a small charge.

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on being very unobtrusive and the feedback that we’ve got over the years tells us that we’re getting this right. We always plan well in advance so we know the venue, the timings of your day, and most importantly you and your bridal party, so we fit in seamlessly.

Unlike many other companies who often use only one camera, we use two camera operators in our packages, sometimes even three on complex shoots, at no extra cost to you. All our packages employ a 4-5 camera set up. Why? Because this provides a wealth of coverage for the editing room and ensures that we capture as many of your wonderful moments as possible.

We use state of the art Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras made by Canon and Panasonic. We also use some of Canon’s best lenses. DSLRs have revolutionised the prosumer video market. We also use state of the art digital recording equipment which fits easily into the palm of your hand.

We are a film company so we make films that are broadcast quality. The benefit of recording in HD is that the picture resolution (1920×1080) is around five times that of SD video (720×576). This results in much more detail, clarity and vivid colours. We also shoot parts of the day in 4K.

The cameras that we use perform very well in low light situations so we don’t tend to use much additional lighting. That said we often use lights for the first dance to add production value to the footage. We also occasionally use lighting during the speeches if the light on the speakers’ faces is very dark or flat.

We ask our clients to supply the bulk of music choices for their wedding films although we’re happy to choose music ourselves if you wish.

Yes, of course. Our packages are there to take much of the decision making out of your hands. BUT, we can tailor your own personal package just call us on 07879 820 150 or email us using the form on our Contact page. We look forward to working with you to put together your perfect package.

We wear smart clothes, either smart-casual or formal so that we blend in with your guests.

We’re based in Edinburgh but will travel anywhere in the UK or worldwide. We charge a small fee for travel beyond a 50 mile radius of our studio.

That’s fine, just call us on 07879 820 150 or email us using the form on our Contact page. You can also contact us via our Facebook page. We look forward to speaking to you soon.